Tube Factory artspace
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Culture. Community. Creativity.



Tube Factory is a hybrid between an art museum and community center. Tube Factory is open to everyone as a public place for culture, community, and creativity and features four contemporary art exhibition galleries as well as areas for people to get together. It’s also home base for Big Car Collaborative’s work across Indianapolis and elsewhere.

Tube Factory features rotating exhibits, interactive projects, space to hang out, a reference library and free books for teens and kids to take home, an outdoor gathering space, and more to find through exploring. Tube Factory is an independent, noncommercial, nonprofit, artist-run space not directly affiliated with religious, political, or governmental entities. We care strongly about our neighborhood, city, state, country, and planet.



Tube Factory artspace exhibitions are made possible by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The Arts Council of Indianapolis, The Indiana Arts Commission, Herbert Simon Family Foundation, Efroymson Family Foundation, MHS Health Services, PNC Bank and Sun King Brewing.


    Although great, new ideas are usually articulated by individuals, they are nearly always generated by communities. And I think what I see as the waste we make of that possibility of cooperative intelligence. Being an artist, you hear a lot of talk about genius which is the process of singling out certain people in art history and saying those were the important ones; you know, Picasso, Rembrandt, Shostakovich...Whenever you look at any of those artists, you find that they lived and drew from a very, very active and flourishing cultural scene and they were only one of the elements in that scene. All of the people called genius actually sat in the middle of something that I call “scen-ius.” So just as genius is the creative intelligence of an individual, “scenius” is the creative intelligence of a community. And what I want to see is more attention given to that possibility of creative behavior.
    — Brian Eno